iDao is committed to cultivating the wisdom of people all over the world, and promoting the Dorderism.

The initial development plan of iDao was to become a comprehensive medium-sized website, and in addition to traditional style articles, it should have many interactive content. But as my own interest turned to the Dorderism, I think the significance of promoting the Dorderism is far greater than the iDao, so I changed the positioning of iDao, and it will be used more to promote the Dorderism. Moreover, since I currently use most of my time and energy to refine and promote the Dorderism, which leads to very poor content and slow update of iDao, and I sincerely apologize for this.

However, the mission and vision of cultivating the wisdom of people all over the world will not change. Therefore, I sincerely hope that you can contribute to iDao. There is no specific limit to the scope of the content, but it should help to cultivate the wisdom of people. If the content of the contribution relates to the Dorderism, it will be adopted first.

Please send contributions to: [email protected]

The relationship between iDao and Dorderism

I am the founder of the Dorderism and the iDao. The iDao is my personal website, which has the pursuit of commercial interests, and may be commercialized in the future. For the sites of Dorderism, when the Dorderism's community is effectively established, I will donate its domain name, website, etc. to the community, and the sites will be operated by the entire community.

Some of the content of this website will involve Dorderism, so why not set up a blog for the Dorderism's website and put these content on its blog? There are several reasons:

  • This can keep the content of the Dorderism's website simple, so that readers can complete all readings quickly and reduce their reading burden.
  • Some content that ordinary people are not interested in, such as the comparison of Dorderism with other philosophical theories, should be stripped from the core content.
  • Some immature ideas and controversial ideas can be first released to this site, until the time is ripe and then integrated into the content of Dorderism.
  • Separate myself from the Dorderism. I hope to weaken the relationship between the Dorderism and myself.