The History of Dorderism

If we will feel happy when we do anything, what should we do?

This is a question I had when I was learning artificial intelligence and brain neurology in 2015.

In the study of artificial intelligence technology, the search for the origin of intelligence led me to learn a lot of brain neurology, combined with my understanding of complex systems (especially emergence, chaos, etc.), I believe that human intelligence is not a mystery thing, but is just the result of a sufficiently flexible and complex neural network. These thinking convinced me that human beings will inevitably achieve strong AI technology in the foreseeable future, and human beings will be liberated from a lot of trivial daily work.

More importantly, I learned that the generation mechanism of emotions and desires of human beings is actually quite simple, it is mainly the changes in the concentration of chemical transmitters that lead to the intensification or weakening of some brain regions. Therefore, in the future, we can certainly directly control our emotions and desires. Moreover, advances in biotechnology will enable humans to have a long lifespan, and we can also live without sleep and rest, so in the future, the time that humans are free to use will be greatly increased. These naturally led to the above question, and made me to start thinking about the meaning of human existence in the future, and thus developed a whole set of ideas, at the core of which is the pursuit of "good complexity" (at the time I had not thought of "dynamic order". "this phrase).

By the beginning of 2016, the main ideas had been largely shaped and written. The main content was a summary of my personal worldview and some views on the future world. At that time, I had considered putting these contents together and publishing them out. However, considering that not many people will pay attention to these issues, and I had no income for a few years and I was under great economic pressure, therefore, I didn’t continue to improve the theory, and instead focused my efforts on developing my own program project.

However, the Brexit and the election of Donald Trump in 2016 subsequently gave me a deep touch. The United Kingdom and the United States are the two countries that have made the greatest contribution to the political system of human society. Their political systems are the most mature and the implementation of democratic systems are the most successful. However, they were still being torn apart by some problems that are not particularly important. When I saw all this, I began to worry deeply about the future of human beings.

Artificial intelligence in the future will cause most people to become unemployed; long lifespan and intelligence-enhanced science and technology will only be enjoyed by the rich in the early stages, and may result in more severe class solidification, which in turn leads to class conflicts; whether artificial intelligence can be added to human nature modules; whether animals can be promoted to human-level intelligence; if cults use cranial nerve modification techniques to attract and solidify members, how can we solve them; how much citizens' privacy should be handed over to the government in order to prevent terrorist attacks? ... It is easy for us to list a series of social problems that may, or even inevitably happen in the future, each one is much more important than the Brexit and the election of President Trump, then how do we deal with these problems?

I believe that in the future, mankind must form some basic consensus, so as to ensure sustainable development. Thinking back to my thoughts in the past few years, I realized that some of the ideas I had previously thought about might be worth introducing to the general public, and giving people some inspiration to solve some of the thorny issues we are about to face. At the very least, I think this theory can give people another perspective to analyze problems, and help people simplify their thinking about various future problems. So, I distilled the original content into the Dorderism, and released it to the public.

For the history of the Dorderism, let's stop here. In the future, I will elaborate further on the Dorderism.


ABOUT IDAO is a website that cultivates people's intelligence and promotes the Dorderism. The Dorderism is a future-oriented minimalist philosophy, its significance lies in providing a basic social development consensus for all human beings.